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Events are usually cancelled or postponed where the minimum number of 15 girls & 15 gents is not reached. A full refund is offered to those who have paid by credit or debit card.

Good News.
Speeddating is back

and we have a fantastic new home at
The Cork & County Cricket Club
The Mardyke, Cork.


  • Speed dating in Munster with Velo Promotions is geared mainly towards graduates, professional and mature people; busy people with no time to waste in noisy pubs and clubs looking for a partner.
  • Speed dating is definitely an easier, better option and an alternative worth trying.
  • Speed dating with Velo is a great way to meet new people, expand your social circle and really have a great night out. Meeting new people is always exciting and great fun.
  • At each speed dating event you will have between fifteen and twenty five mini dates in one night. It’s not called speed dating for nothing.
  • Let Velo organize everything. We will provide a suitable venue, with soft lighting, suitable background music and friendly staff with an emphasis on comfort, privacy, relaxation and, most of all, fun. We will endeavour to match age groups, etc.
  • It’s simple and it works. On average more than 70% of people will get at least one match. Some of the lucky ones can get as many as 5 or 6 matches.
  • All you have to do is turn up, go with the flow, be yourself and have a really great night out.
  • Velo Promotions were the only company providing a regular service to single people in Munster, especially the Cork region and have been doing so for over ten years. Due to popular demand we are back again.
  • Bring your friends along for moral support.
  • Come alone if you are new in town or short on friends. Speeddating with Velo is a great way to socialise comfortably.
  • And last but not least do not forget that all important chemistry that you will only find when you meet face to face.


Hi Brendan. Niamh here. Just to let you know that the guy Padraig, who I met initially speedating at your event on the 1st March 2009 in the Ambassador and subsequently in Reardons after, are still together a year, over a year on!!!!! We are sooooooooooo happy together. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to meet. Can you remove our telephone numbers from the database as we won't be needing to go anymore! (See Niamh below)

Good News!! Just got word that Niamh & Padraigh got married & have a new baby.
Good Luck to both of you & thanks again Niamh for feedback



Helen. Well you know what? I never had such a great time. I've been laughing & smiling to myself all day thinking about last night. I really, really enjoyed it.

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Speed dating can be a fast and effective way of meeting someone special and a great opportunity to broaden your circle of friends. At our speed dating events across Munster you will speed date up to 30 single and professional people at each event. We at Velo take great care when choosing our venues. We insist on having the exclusive use of a suitable room, usually modern, spacious, with suitable background music and, with a private bar and waiter service. The room must also have a romantic ambience with 20 – 30 tables for two, well spaced out ensuring that your conversations will be totally private. When you arrive you will be greeted by one of our speed dating hosts who will welcome you, put you at ease and occasionally offer you complimentary drinks at the speed dating reception. You will then be introduced to the other guests where you will mingle until the speed dating begins. After the speed dating you will hand in your Speed Ticket to your host. You will be informed of any matches you might have the next working day. The rest of the evening is your own and usually this can be the best part of the evening. Most of you will adjourn to the bar where you now have the opportunity to meet the same people again and possibly one or two that you might fancy.

Come alone if you are new in town or short on friends. Speed dating with Velo is a great way to socialize comfortably.

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